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We are an ambitious and growing provincial practice working mainly in civil law in the areas listed below. Paul McMullan has been in practice since 1994 and the practice opened in 1998.

Paul is a member of the Association of Personal injury lawyers, the Society of Trust Estate Practitioners and also the Institute of Collaborative lawyers which operates in the Divorce field. He has a wide range of experience in civil matters including commercial contract disputes and building disputes. He has also represented clients in dispute with their Bank, an increasingly common problem given the current economic climate.

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Personal Injury Claims

We have long experience in road traffic and employers liability claims as well as clinical negligence (see the separate section on clinical negligence). Paul McMullan is a member of the Association of personal injury Lawyers which promotes excellence in the field of personal injury practice.

Quality advice in the immediate aftermath of an accident is essential as the presentation of the case to the at fault party's insurer will inform their response.Early correspondence setting out in detail the legal basis by reference to case law and relevant regulations can avoid months or years of wrangling on liability issues and move the debate on to valuation of the claim.Where liability is an issue we will take immediate steps to protect your position by ensuring essential evidence is secured to support your position. Legal aid is available for those who qualify.

Medical Negligence claims

Paul McMullan qualified as a Solicitor in 1994 and has been engaged in claims for clinical negligence on behalf of many clients since then.He is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers which is a UK wide body looking after the interests of injured persons.Cases of this nature tend to be complex.Many clients suffer catastrophic life changing injuries as a result of medical accidents which require intervention on many levels such as medical, home care, and nursing. Financial losses resulting from inability to work can place great strain on victim's households with many being forced to live on DSS benefits where previously they had a comfortable lifestyle with both parties/parents working.

Such cases can be particularly difficult and stressful where children or the main bread winner is concerned.We understand the difficulties which can arise in such cases and will guide and support clients through the processes involved.

We have experience in claims which were successful involving:
- claims involving significant neuropathic injuries as a result of the prescription of thalidomide
- catastrophic birth injuries
- bladder injuries involving operative procedures on the bowel


In 2008 we were involved in the first settlement of a thalidomide claim where it was prescribed(incorrectly and over a long period) to an elderly person to combat Behcet's disease.The expert we instructed was subsequently appointed to review a significant number of such cases in Northern Ireland by the Belfast Trust.

Where clients are eligible for legal aid we will apply for it. As the Solicitors having previously successfully pursued such claims on behalf of injured parties we are perfectly positioned to convince Legal Services Commission of the merits of your case and can advance evidence in support of same. In today's climate legal aid is not guaranteed but our previous experience will assist in pursuing the grant of legal aid.

If you wish to pursue enquiry with us concerning this issue or any other issue please complete the attached enquiry form if you are on e mail.If not please ring us on the numbers showing on the website.


As members of the Law Society home charter scheme we adhere to the highest standard of conduct towards our clients.We appreciate that moving home is a stressful time with a myriad of things to do.We aim to minimise that stress and to advance your transaction/s as quickly as possible while always taking care to ensure your interests are protected and relevant risks are explained in detail in a timely fashion.

We will work closely with the lenders, estate agents and other Solicitors involved to bring transactions to a swift conclusion.

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Commercial Conveyancing

Whether it be the grant of a new lease of commercial premises or the purchase of them we can help guide you through the pitfalls of going concerns, Vat on transactions and legal limitations on the use of premises as well as TUPE issues associated with business purchases.Where appropriate we can give timely directions and referrals to the appropriate experts in relation to capital allowance claims which can be used to offset tax liabilities.

Separation and Divorce

We have long experience in dealing with issues arising following separation /divorce and their impact upon the children of the relationship and the parties finances.Initial timely advice on these issues can assist those affected in avoiding the pitfalls of children's contact / residence proceedings and the significant costs of contested divorce and property disputes.The collaborative approach to relationship breakdown ,while challenging , focuses on getting the lives of those affected back on track as soon as possible.Primary care of the children, property split and causes of breakdown can become major hurdles for those involved.We seek to minimise the impact by adopting a proportionate response to the issues in dispute with a view to encouraging early resolution.

Where early settlement is not possible we will advise on cost minimisation techniques and mechanisms whereby pressure can be applied to the other party to force settlement.

A holistic approach is adopted.We are conscious of possible inheritance issues arising during proceedings which could net a windfall for the estranged partner and can advise on ways and means of asset protection.

Administration of Estates

When a loved one has died we can guide you quickly through the administration process to ensure bank accounts are closed , policy proceeds claimed and land transferred to the appropriate beneficiaries.Administration , whether with or without a will can be a problematic process.Problems often arise with interpretation of wills , disputes between beneficiaries as to shares and , on occasion, tracking beneficiaries.We will address valuation of assets to establish the capital account at death, assemble the appropriate inheritance tax return and advise on any reliefs from tax which should be claimed and deal with HMRC queries taking the stress out of the winding up of the estate and allowing you the time to grieve without the worry of dealing with a problematic administration.

As a member of the Society of Trust Estate Practitioners Paul McMullan has undergone specific additional training in this area and is well acquainted with the issues which can arise.

Wills/Inheritance tax

Making a will to provide for your loved ones after you are gone is essential. Lack of care or appropriate thought and planning for such issues can create major problems going forward and foment discontent among family members. A failure to appreciate the pitfalls in failing to make a will can result in persons benefiting who you would not wish to benefit. Paul McMullan is a member of the Society of Trust Estate Practitioners which is a worldwide organisation promoting excellence in estate and trust law. We will take detailed instruction from you on your assets and your family dynamics and concerns to ensure your will appropriately addresses your specific situation. Issues can often arise with:

> Divorcing or disabled children
> provision for grandchildren
> Inheritance tax
> intra family disputes which can raise the spectre of costly claims post death

We will work with you to find a solution tailored to your needs and concerns.

Control of patients affairs

If you have a loved one who has lost mental capacity and who requires assistance in managing their personal affairs and in dealing with care issues we can assist in obtaining the appropriate orders from the court and in advising you in managing their affairs.This can be a trying time for families and we will deal with the issues arising sensitively and with the patient and their family's best interests at the centre of our considerations.

Nursing care

This is an issue which is becoming increasingly problematic for the elderly and their families.Parents often have a strong desire to leave assets for their children and grandchildren.However care issues often intervene and , due to the cost of care, this can have serious consequences for intended bequests to family over a short period of time.Planning is essential for such eventualities. The greater the planning period available the greater the chance the client and their family has to preserve family wealth.We can advise on appropriate measures to take to insulate assets from attack to give you peace of mind and secure your assets for your family's future wellbeing.

Criminal injury claims

Early advice after an assault is essential as the steps taken or not taken by an injured person can be fatal to a claim under the statutory scheme.We will ensure you take the necessary steps immediately to ensure a successful outcome to your claim and assist you in completing the appropriate application and in providing relevant information.

Dependants claims against estates

Disappointed beneficiaries who have been assured of benefit can often be left in a very difficult position by a deceased person's failure to properly address their needs.Often the dependent will have provided years of care without recognition ; in many cases children will have acted on promises made by parents over many years.Early recognition of the issues and asserting a claim at an early stage is essential.The time limits in these cases can pose serious difficulties for late claims.Act early to protect your interests.

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